Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Innsbruck, Austria-Lazy Day in the Mountains

Saturday, September 27

Being 2 very wore out travelers, we took full advantage of being able to sleep in. After waking a bit after 10, we lazily took showers and dressed ourselves for the day. First on the agenda was laundry, as it had been about 4 days again. We made the 10 minute stroll down the hill and found the Laundromat. We did our famous, stuff all of our clothes into one load trick we've mastered on this trip, and made our way up the road to the supermarket in hopes of finding lunch.

Our purchases included some chocolates (Heather), a bottle of Fanta, bread, a jar of nutella, and some bananas in hopes they would help our achy muscles. Heather also got some much needed hair products. We enjoyed our picnic lunch in the park, and found that nutella and bananas are one of the greatest combinations on Earth. They are especially yummy in sandwich form. Neither of us are sure if we'll ever go back to normal peanut butter again, although nutella is much cheaper here in Europe than in the states. After about 30 minutes we headed back to switch our clothes to the drier, and just rested on the comfy couch until they were dry. Making the trek back up the hill carrying groceries and 2 bags of laundry made us kind of tired, so we did the smart thing and napped for about 45 minutes after we got back. I know, we've had a pretty rough day so far.

About 3pm we thought we'd better get out and see some of this beautiful town. We walked back down the hill and crossed yet another bright turquoise colored river. There was a cute puppy running along side of us before crossing who was chasing a blowing leaf, and when he tried to grab it his back legs swung too far out and he fell over, it was really cute and funny. We stopped for a moment on the bridge to take some pictures and take in the beauty of the mountains. We decided we'd wander town to try and find some internet, which we should say is quite hard to find the past few days here in Austria. After asking around a bit, we were told to go to another Laundromat that had pay internet. Along the way Heather found the cheapest gelato yet, 10 cents!!! We were sure the guy read his sign wrong, we thought it was a 7 instead of a 1, but who are we to argue! We'll try again tomorrow for sure.

After getting to the Laundromat, we scammed some free wi-fi instead of paying, in the words of Borat, "great success!!" We caught up on our blog, and did some emails over the next half hour. Beings it was almost 5pm, we thought we'd better find some dinner. We wandered past a chinese restaurant, something both of us have been craving for weeks, but found they didn't open til 530, so we wandered up the street a bit to kill time before they opened.

We were back promptly at 5:30 at took a seat at a booth near the window overlooking a street on the old part of town. We should add this restaurant was on the 2nd floor, like many restaurants are here in Austria. We ordered some wonton soup, chicken with cashews and noodles with chicken. We took our time and ate family style, savoring every bite of food we'd been missing for so long. We took our time eating and enjoying everything, and sat in there for about 2 hours. It was nice to take time to enjoy a nice long meal for a change.

After eating we walked around a street in the old part of town, doing some window shopping, and enjoying a very pleasant evening. We walked past one of Europes big, old cathedrals, and might check it out tomorrow if we get a chance before leaving. We made our way back to the hostel to relax for the evening and try to get rid of our worn out feeling, and to maybe put our clean laundry back in our backpacks.


Bonnie L. said...

H & C,
You have heard the expression, "Living out of a suitcase," right? Well you have a whole new expression that fits you -
"laundro-bag-pack, adventure-seeking travelers". Looking forward to reading more and more. Love, MOM

Lindsay said...

the little dog on the river sounds really cute!
Im so proud of you guys for scammin free WI-FI! all i have to say to that is "thatta girl"
Why are the rivers that color ? im sure you mentioned it somewhere earlier.. im so far behind on this reading (mostly becaue it makes me soo hungry) but also because we are running around like fools trying to get ready to move in less than 2 weeks!
Miss you