Saturday, September 27, 2008

Salzburg to Innsbruck, Austria

Friday, September 26

We missed breakfast with Thomas and Jeanie (the other couch surfer) but from the look Thomas gave us the night before he was not very interested in scrambled eggs. We used some peppers from last night and mystery austrian cheese and enjoyed a hot breakfast!

We said our good byes to our gracious host Thomas before he left for work and invited him to come to St Paul anytime to stay with us. Next we packed up and headed to the train station.

It seems like it's been weeks since we've had internet, honestly only like 24 hours at this point. We looked in vain for a place while we waited for our train to Innsbruck, Austria but found nothing.

At this point it's a clear sign if the train is running even 5 minutes late there will be trouble. Instead of trying to fight our way in first class for seats together we decided to sit in the dinning car the entire time. The 2 hour ride turned in to 2.5 because.... well they don't know but in the middle of a forest we stopped for quite a while. We had shared a tortelloni cheese pasta with a red sauce, honestly it's just train food that's microwaved but we thought it was pretty good. We sat at a table with a man from Bulgaria who wanted to hear all about our travels. He shared some good advise for seeing some of the islands around Venice and saying that 5 months in Italy won't even be long enough. One tip we liked was to go to the cheapest pizza place in italy and order the cheapest thing on the menu, it's bound to be the best. We don't know what his logic was for that thought but we didn't argue.

We arrived in Innsbruck around 3:30 pm. After making a reservation for our Sunday train to Venice we attempted to figure out where our hostel is. After consulting three taxi drivers who pulled out their own maps (never a good sign) we got a ride from them instead of taking the wrong bus and wasting 2 hours.

Honestly a pretty uneventful day. The highlight was the train ride and all the snow capped mountains.

We checked in to the hostel and the host told us we'd be in separate rooms boys/girls. I guess some girl from Japan called and said she's only stay in an all girls room so that screwed up everyone's sleeping arrangements. But the host offered us a private room with a lock for only 4 more Euros a night. SOLD!! Heather joked we were probably on the top level... oh no the lady said: "your room in the attic." Of course it was.

The room is actually really big and nice and with only two full flights of stairs it's hardly even a climb at all.

If we haven't mentioned it before the farther south we travel... the stranger the bathrooms get. There may be something interesting to report on the shower tomorrow.

After a nice nap we headed out for food and had two pizzas. They were very good but we are out of energy to describe them :)

So this is Heather & Charlie signing off for tonight.... hoping we'll find some internet to post some new blogs soon.

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Bonnie L. said...

Heather and Charlie,
Uncle Paul says the BEST pizza is in Italy -it's all about the sauce and cheese, you simply can't go wrong with the true Italian pizza - something to look forward to!
Glad to hear you enjoyed the mountain scenery on the train ride, it would have been a shame to sleep through that adventure.
Have you noted any shortness of breath in the mountain areas?
Love, MOM