Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Munich...Food for thought

Sunday, September 21

Oktoberfest and lots of traveling took its toll on us. We didn't get up until about 11am. We spent a couple hours drinking water to re-hydrate ourselves and catching up on emails. We went through our pictures of oktoberfest and had a good laugh remembering all the fun times the night before.

We set out in search of food in the middle of the afternoon, wandering to what looked like a business district, but the few places we came across weren't open, so we started walking in the direction of the Aldi supermarket. Apparently everything in this suburb of Munich shuts down on sunday, much like downtown St. Paul. We decided to catch the train into downtown Munich and search for something there.

Exiting the train station, we took off across the street in search of anything we could find. Apparently the train station is in the Indian/Middle East part of the city, as every restaurant we saw for about 3 square blocks sold nothing but falafel and kababs. We settled on a place that had a heated indoor sit down area as most of them were just outside seating. Heather would have preferred to eat in the machine that cooks the gyro meat, but that is probably frowned upon. We ordered up some sort of beef gyro type sandwich and an order of fries. The sandwich was delicious, of course, so we finished our sodas in the heated restaurant and decided to walk back towards the station.

We poked back in a little connivence type store we saw on the way, and somehow, we were hungry again. This time we got a brat with the yummy mustard on it and some sort of berry pastry. We stood at a little bar type area customers could eat at and enjoyed our 2nd meal of the day. We both love how they serve brats on a delicious toasted baguette. Neither of us spoke while we ate.

Back inside the train station we stumbled upon something wonderful, the food court. The Germans know how to make a food court. Its not the typical type consisting of fast food chains and mall style chinese food, oh no. What they have resembles the taste of the globe buffet at the Rio in Las Vegas. And its cheap. First things first, we got some apricot gelato. Again, it was cheap, only 1 euro (normally 3-4 euros). We enjoyed it while we walked through deciding our next purchases. We drooled over a huge bakery area with many great looking pastry's, a chinese food station, served on actual china plates with some food made to order, a huge sandwich bar, pizzas, pretzels, and also a small grocery area.

After finishing the gelato it was time for more for more food. Apparently a long day at octoberfest will make you hungry. Next up was a pretzel Heather had had her eye on, cut in half like a bagel with butter and chives spread on it. You'd think we'd have had enough by now after eating about 3 meals, but the bakery area caught our eye on the walk back to our subway. Charlie was caught dead in his tracks by one particular pastry, one filled with the famed Bavarian cream. We purchased one and giggled our way over to table and dove in. It can best be described as the best glazed krispy creme donut on the planet filled with the best cream on the planet. Neither of us said a word while eating it, just enjoyed it. When it was all gone, we even felt bad for throwing away the bag it came in because it had a little bit of cream smeared on it. We thought we better get back on the train back to our host's home before we became obese.

Back at the house we messed around online a bit and called it an early night. All in all a great day of recovery.


Melody said...

you guys always make me so hungry!

Bonnie L. said...

Remember when you insisted on sliced bagels and cheese spreads at your graduation party - the legacy lives on!! MOM