Friday, October 3, 2008

Questions about traveling

In our last month of traveling, we have noticed a few things that we can't help but ask why?????

1. Why do people attempt to record on video their whole vacation? 
Do they honestly think they will go back and watch it all? Or worse, show it to everyone they know? And how about the guy we saw videotaping his gondola ride in Venice? Did he not know he missed his whole ride trying to catch it all on film?

2. Why do certain people get photographed in front of EVERY statue they come across
Are they that narcissistic? Do they need proof down the road they actually saw it? We have followed groups around museums and churches that stop in front of anything of importance and each take turns getting a picture of them with it.

3. Can someone come up with a standard of toilet in the world? 
We've been in 8 countries and seen probably a dozen styles of toilets, each getting weirder than the previous one. They range from a pull cord to flush hanging from the ceiling, to being a hole on the floor. Along this line, showers are just as odd.

4. Why do people take photos with a cell phone
Its one thing if you take a picture to send someone right away, but once again, we've followed people taking all their pictures with their phone.

5. Who is watching Australia and Asia? 
To be truthful, its really cool that their cultures are into encouraging traveling like they do, but we often wonder if there's anyone left in these areas.

6. When did they start making washing machines that require a masters degree in engineering to figure out? 
This mostly applies to the ones in England that are a combo washer/drier in one. Call us dumb, but we had better luck figuring out the ones in foreign languages.

7. When did we miss the line that was handing out free SLR cameras? 
We walk around nervous enough with our little canon point and shoots that we'll be mugged or lose them. These people are everywhere with giant lenses that cost more than our entire trip.

8. Can they pick a language in Belgium? 
French or Dutch... you can't have both!!!

9. Who is responsible for the red hair coloring in Europe? 
We've mostly noticed this on women over the age of about 45, but none of them are even close to being red. They are an ungodly color not found in nature. We even have a game going to see who can count the most bad red hair dye jobs in a day.

10. Why can Europeans make a potato chip with 3, yes 3, ingredients, and it takes US companies about 20?

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Lindsay said...

random thoughs about this blog: (im trying to be the #1 blogger again!)
1-i think i would be that person wanting to have my picture taken infront of everything (well at least Grants pictire.. im not one for being photographed these days)
2- From knowing Mirium she always colored her hair this weird "Red" color and it always ened up more purple/red than anything else.
3 - we attempt to record some things.. i think it would be easier if we didnt have a 'tape' recorder and had one that put things directly onto DVD - it will be nice to see those things when your old and dont remember anymore.. but maybe when your old and dont remember anymore you wont even be able to figure out how to use a VCR/DVD player.
4- i would love to pop-a-squat on different toilets every couple days - how exciting.. what way does the water flush? ("i'll bet you 1000$ that it goes this way".. quote by dad)
5- I hope my new washing machines dont require a masters degree in engineering.. my one year at WWTC prob. wont cut it.. and grant hasnt quite finished up with is 4 years of college yet. Maybe lola will know with her extreme knowledge.
6 - Pictures on cell phones are stilly... they look crappy when you up-load them. Possibly good for sending to friends bragging "HA IM HERE AND YOUR NOT"
7 - 3 ingrediants VS. 20... well thats called trans fat :) JK