Monday, September 8, 2008

London - Galleries, Museums and puppets... Oh My!

Up by 9am, we couldn't be more proud of ourselves.

We made a stop back at the catalog store because in our worldly travels we didn't think that buying a battery charger in London would not really be the thing to do since it has a UK plug.

We hopped the overland train and then and the underground to Elephant and Castle station (I know, I laugh at it too). We walked a few blocks in the rain to the Imperial War Museum. Directly inside the museums enterance were many planes, tanks, and artillery guns from the first and second world wars. They had sections of the tanks cut open so you could see inside them. Our first exibit we walked through was the Holocost art exhibit, and one the world's largest Holocaust displays. Honestly there isn't really a way to comment on the emotion that we felt, it was very raw and moving. The art was done mainly by sole survivors who were never artists until many years after, and used it as a way to relase the feelings of what they went through, One of the final exibits of art was one called "Souvenir", and it was a collection of postcards with an artists sketches we could take for free, we each took one of Auchwitz.

We continued on the WW1 and WW2. We took a tour of the trenches (where Heather had to leave early because the air was thin and got a bit claustrophobic). One of the interesting things was the display of propaganda that was handed out during the war. Some examples were about food rations, not gossiping about the war because you "never know who is listening", mending clothes instead of buying new ones and women getting into the work force to do their part.

We went back to the main part of London bought tickets to "Avenue Q." Now off to the British museum where we shared a lunch under some shelter in a very rainy park. They are NOT exaggerating when they say you can spend at least two days there and not see it all. We of course did it in about 2 hours only seeing the highlights like the Egyptian mummies, Greek and Roman artifacts and Japan through the ages. One of the most interesting parts was seeing the Rossetta Stone. This was the original stone used to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Avenue Q was unbelievable funny!! And for 10 pounds a ticket we couldn't go wrong. Of course we did our favorite new trick of buying the cheapest seats in the house then moving up the the really "fancy pants" seats right before the show started, London has AMAZING theater, I can't wait to go back.

On our train ride back to Susannah's flat (our couch surfing host) we stopped at Sainsbury's and picked up some Stella triple filter and some pasta sauce to make a late night dinner. We ended up talking till almost 1 am with Susannah and Chelsea, a girl from San Francisco who was surfing there as well.

With good intentions as always of getting up on time we headed to bed with an alarm set.

Cheers Mates!

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