Monday, September 8, 2008

Amsterdam day 3... Red Lights and Beer

We are champs. Ok not in the traditional sense. We have small goals and large ones. 

Large ones: spend six months in europe. 
Small ones: get up for breakfast. 

Guess which one we achieved?

We went to Dam Square and saw a street performance of a guy who fit his entire body through a toilet seat then got on a 10' unicycle and juggled torches.

Then off to a "koffee" house to share a "toastie" which is what the dutch call grilled cheese and such. We knew we were close to the Anne Frank house but didn't realize it was literally next door. We went through, it was really amazing walking through the bookcase the family hid behind for so many years. The staircases where unbelievably steep. They had it set up so we only had to walk up them and there was another way out. We were a little sad they took all the furniture out of the rooms, it made it a bit harder to really envision life there. But we loved going through and seeing everything that made her diary come to life for us.

More wondering around, going in and out of little shops. We had our first Trappist Monk beer, trust me Jon is proud!!

We back back to hostel grabbed a shower, cleaned up for the night. We stopped at a few more pubs, talked to some colorful locals including an ex-US guy that might have been a few sandwiches short of a picnic. 

Oh my gosh we need to tell everyone.. the 80's are alive here and thriving.

After dark (because we were told by a local woman in her 60's it's the best time to go) we went to the Red Light District. Pretty much what we thought it would be, I mean if you have more questions just email us and we'll try to answer.

We picked up some dinner in a local grocery store. I think it was the first time for both of us we bought something we had NO IDEA what it was. My best guess it was hummus but who knows. We ate back in the lobby of our hostel.

We walked the streets a bit more found a Grolsch for 1.25 (euros) and then back to our favorite spot from our first day here to scam some free internet and catch all you lovely chaps up on our blog.

And yes, we had french fries with mayo to get the real "Amsterdam experience."

Amsterdam stuff to know: EVERYONE rides a bike, there are thousands and thousands on the streets

Goede nacht,
H & C


Lindsay said...

amazing! every day im reading this im getting more and more envious of your expierences! the dogs in a bar, a guy in a toilet, great beer, big shoes it sit in.. wow sounds like my kind of fun :) Miss you guys

Susan said...

Clay has yet to ask a question, but he was curious as to the going price of a hooker in the red light district these days? LOL! J/K Sounds like a quite an adventure! Saturdays are becoming my "catch up on the Europe Adventures Blog" days.