Wednesday, September 3, 2008

London - What's all this then?

Great success! We woke up on time at 8:30am and got to have the free breakfast at the hostel. We cleaned-up and packed-up ready to head out for the day.

Another day of finding everything free we can do in London. We bought a day pass on the bus which is good for the trains too. We got off in Victoria station, found our way to the theater district. We got a GREAT deal on tickets to see Wicked. We had time before the show started. We walked down Victoria street to tour Westminster Cathedral (free). It was built in 600 and is being completely restored, it was amazing to see how that is all done. We walked to Westminster Abby after that, then to Parliament and to see Big Ben. We sat down in the park there overlooking the Thames river and made good use of the Queen's wi-fi (hope she doesn't mind). We walked to Buckingham Palace, checked out those famous guards and then took a walk down the Princess Diana memorial walk in Green park. Charlie got his first small taste of some world war monuments in Hyde park including the Wellington Arch.

We grabbed sandwich to share and took off to explore more.

We took the bus back to the hostel and picked up our packs. Then we took the train/bus down to Straetham to meet Susannah. We are "couch surfing" at her flat for the next 3 nights. (again can't beat free) We had a LOAD of trouble on the trains that is really a long and boring story. We ended up meeting her, her boyfriend, and three other couch surfers almost two hours late. 

So here we are, tired as usual... and happy of course. All five of us couch surfers are in the living room now. Charlie is planning out our day tomorrow.

We are both excited to be sleeping in a real bed with a normal shower :)

Did we mention we LOVE London... cause we do.

PS... photos are on hold... bug charlie about it, he needs a new memory card


Lindsay said...

so whats this place like thaty our staying at (the couch surfing?) i would be interestd in seeing everybodys sleeping arrangments - hope you dont have feet in your face when you wake up! LOL - Gosh i cant believe that your really there doing all this stuff :) im soo happy for you!

Cheddar said...

Charlie and I got our own bedroom, this place is HUGE. No feet in my face when I woke up.