Wednesday, September 3, 2008

London, day 2

Today we slept in until a bit past 11am, guess we were both way more tired than we thought, and not used to London time yet.  

We walked over to a market near the London Bridge train station and got an awesome lunch of a prawn/rice/pea shoot salad and a couscous/roasted veggie side we shared.  We walked down to a park a few blocks off the river and ate on a bench where we were joined by an older man and butch the dog who entertained us with tricks.  

We started walking towards the river and came upon the Tower bridge and crossed. We took a short break at the Tower castle and explored the shops around there.  From there we walked towards St. Paul's cathedral, finding many cool old churches and buildings along the way, along with TONS of cool looking pubs and restaurants.  We decided to come back at 5 for evening mass (free to worship or 10 pounds to get in to tour), and since it was kind of rainy, we crossed the river to the Tate modern art museum to spend some time in doors. 

We checked out the Shakespeare's Globe theater afterwards then headed back to the St Paul's cathedral.  We were both impressed with the cathedral, it was the kind of place that gave us goosebumps walking in, and neither of us realized its where princess Diana and prince Charles 
were married.   

We spent the rest of the night eating at a pub with a traditional english meat pie a couple blocks from the hostel and hanging out at the hostel bar over a beer catching up on emails.

We did our best to make to bed by midnight but adjusting to the time change is a bit challenging.


Lindsay said...

oh my gosh i cant believe that you were at the same church as princiss diana was! It must have been amazing!
I bet seeing that dog doing its tricks sure made you miss the sneak! Lots of love!

Jennifer said...

What's meat pie? I want some!